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经典英文伤感爱情个性签名 Can

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1、Nothing comes between you and success

2、To forget the mis

3、Good times + crazy friends = Amazing memories. 欢乐时光+疯子般的朋友=最棒的回忆。

4、Sun for morning, moon for night, and you forever. 太阳是白昼,月亮是夜晚,而你是我的永远。

5、Is immortal, even for a moment is fleeting that we love. 不朽的是我们,须臾的是我们转瞬即逝那爱情

6、The world with filar silk rain weather also slightly a little cool, cold the scenery. 天下着丝丝雨滴,天气也微微有点凉,寒冷了风景。


8、Lonely are the free. 孤独是免费的。

9、You are my most adventure youth dream .你是我年少时最冒险的梦。

10、香蕉banana叫笨奶奶 苹果apple叫阿婆 tomato番茄这个厉害叫偷马桶

11、Go for it! = Just do it! 加油!向前冲!做了再说!

12、Love, is short. But forgets, then long 【vs】 爱,那么短。而遗忘,那么长

13、The years are long.You are unforgetable. 岁月好漫长,你也好难忘。

14、Love remained short,but the memory lasts long. 爱那么短,遗忘那么长。

15、没经历过才笑别人的疤 Never had to laugh at other people

16、Time has taught me two things, one is to cherish and the other is to give up 时间教会了我两件事,一是

17、Every day I miss you, I miss you.每天不管见不见得到 我都好想你

18、Even no reason and you leave me without saying. 甚至没有原因你离开我却什么都没说。

19、One of the best things in life is seeing a smile on a person’s face and knowing that you put it there. 生活中最美好的一件事情是,因为你,某个人脸上洋溢着微笑。

20、The last we all lost to the reality 最后我们都输给了现实

21、Do a bystander Not to have looked at enough 【做个旁观者 不为拥有 看着就够了】

22、Life is a maze and love is a riddle. 生活是一个迷宫 爱情是其中的一个迷。

23、Hope的含义: Hold On, Pain Ends. 坚持

24、Can not get is forever, forget was once . 【vs】 到不了的就是永远, 忘不了的就是曾经。


25、What kind of sunlight can warm my heart . 什么样的阳光能温暖我的心。

26、Mention you again,It's already a family name. 再次提起你,已是连名带姓。

27、When the winter warmer when the sea is no longer so blue. 当冬夜渐暖当大海不再那么蓝。

28、Destiny is sometimes cruel. 【vs】 命运有时是残酷的。

29、One thing I know,that is I know nothing. 我所知道的一件事就是我一无所知。

30、I'm so sorry that I couldn't follow through

31、The best happiness is all care you give. 最好的幸福,是你给的在乎。

32、What kind of sunlight can warm my heart

33、Every boring hour in life is unique. 在生命中,再无聊的时光也是限量版。

34、Every day I miss you, I miss you. 每天不管见不见得到 我都好想你。

35、Sometimes the perfect person for you is the one you least expect. 有时候,最适合你的人, 恰恰是你最没有想到的人。

36、Everybody live for themselves, we may be the no complaints 每个人都为自己而活,我们也许该毫无怨言。

37、Prefer to stumble over a lifetime, but also not ordinary mixed life. 宁愿选择跌跌撞撞过一辈子,也不平平凡凡混一辈子。

38、I pretended to be indifferent to it 我假装无所谓才看不到心被拧碎

39、Do not compromise your dreams! 不要向你的梦想妥协!

40、Each one second all belong to the past is in the past

41、Go most urgent, is the most beautiful scenery; hurt the most are always the most real emotions

42、From now on, love yourself, enjoy living then smile. 从现在开始,爱自己,享受生活并且微笑。

43、Clearly understand greet each other but not how sad

44、I thought love can fulfill the dissatisfaction of life.However, it is love that produces more regret. 我以为爱情可以填满人生的遗憾,然而,制造更多遗憾的,却偏偏是爱情。

45、I never told you, I wanna hold you。

46、Each youth will be old, but I hope that your memories have been good. 每段青春都会苍老,但我希望记忆里的你一直都好。

47、baboon 狒狒,乡下佬,粗野的人

48、I miss you but i miss you. (我想你,但是我错过了你)

49、Thanks for your don't care, I know my trip. 多谢你的不在乎,知道了我的自作多情。

50、My tears, my grief it can only prove

51、I do not like you think so strong you will hurt me indifferently. 我没有像你想的那么坚强你的淡然也会让我受伤

52、生活就像一盒巧克力,你永远不知道你会得到什么。 life is like a box of chocolate,you never know what

53、Let I have been watching over him until the end of life(就让我一直守护着他,直到生命结束)

54、You will always be my only ,这句话我永远都不可能对你说了。

55、To find and search for only lost in the search. 为寻找而寻找,只会在寻找中迷失。

56、In my life the most luxurious thing, is to meet with you on the way, and then to each other. 在我一生最奢侈的事,就是在途中与你相遇,然后相濡以沫。

57、Adults are out-of-date children. 成人是过了期的小孩纸

58、how pain my heart is . how lonely I feel,do you understand? 【我的心有多痛,我有多寂寞,你可知道?】

59、Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions 幸福并非那种已经拥有的东西,她来自於你自已的行动。

60、If you remember me, then I don't care if everyone else forgets. 只要你记得我,我不介意整个世界都把我遗忘了。

61、Our greatest glory consists not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. 我们最值得自豪的不在于从不跌倒,而在于每次跌倒之后都爬起来。

62、Every time in sweet happiness, hear the cruel goodbye. 每次在甜蜜的幸福中,听见残忍的再见。

63、I can not choose the best choose me. 我不能选择那最好的自己是那最好的选择了我。

64、How many dream had, and never came into my heart. 【vs】 (多少梦幻的曾经,也不曾走进莪的心)

65、Smile.It’s easier than explaining why you’re sad. 请微笑。这比解释为何悲伤要容易。

66、Understanding double pupil, silent regards. 会心的双眸,无声的问候。

67、有一种思念叫只关注不打扰。There is a miss call only concern not disturb

68、I like you,but just like you. (纵然万劫不复,纵然相思入骨,我也待你眉眼如初,岁月如故.)

69、I just like it, but forget it's inappropriate. 我只顾喜欢,却忘了不合适。

70、All I need is you needing me. ——我最需要的就是,你需要我。

71、Some things, once himself, is smoke 有些事情,一旦过眼,便是烟云. In order to be

72、You can do it too! 你也做得到!

73、I have been sleeping all alone 我一直孤独入眠。

74、遗忘是最好的解脱,沉默是最好的诉说Forgetting is the best way to get rid of slience is the best way to

75、We used to love each other,at the thought of which my heart breaks. 【vs】 我们曾相爱,想到就心酸。

76、There is no one like me, miss should not miss. 有没有人像我一样,思念不该思念的人

77、I can't stop you from running to someone better than me. 我总不能阻止你奔向比我更好的人。

78、I wait for you to come。

79、As long as no death simply fortunately. 只要没死就还好。

80、Life doesn't get easier, you just get stronger. 生活从未变得轻松,是你在一点一点变得坚强。

81、I enjoy warm in time. I forget blooms in the internal. ———我在时光里享受温暖,我在流年里忘记花开。

82、How I wish, there is one person spelled a life love me. 我多么希望 , 有那么一个人拼了命的爱我。

83、I am lonely because I hate people

84、Time has traveled into fragmentary memories of thedawn and then melt into one wipe mist. 时光把回忆辗转成零碎,化做晨曦中的一抹雾霭。

85、It was songs of love that I sing for you

86、Leave behind a clean world for future generations. 留给下一代一个清洁的地球。

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